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Streamline performance management processes with our easy-to-use employee evaluation forms.
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Scalable Performance Measurement

Evaluating employee performance is more effective with the right performance measurement tools. Our templates enable managers to better monitor and measure progress towards goals using a detailed scale to assess and rate competencies. 

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Futurecast Performance 

Improve employee performance through appraisal and coaching by tracking progress in meeting goals and creating a performance plan for upcoming review periods, all with the help of our free, printable performance appraisal templates. 
Reviewsnap created custom templates for us, and we were able to get the exact review format that we wanted.

Darlene DeRosa HRIS Supervisor

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Ensure Performance Appraisal Compliance

Our free, printable employee evaluation templates use a standardized scale to rate competencies providing managers with benchmarks to reduce and eliminate bias during employee performance evaluations.
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Supercharge Employee Performance

Automate, track and complete your entire employee evaluation process online with the help of our easily customizable performance templates. Download our printable versions to see employee evaluation examples Reviewsnap provides.
The attention and customer service we get from Reviewsnap is top notch, and we love how Reviewsnap is continually enhancing its offerings.

Kathy Yates HRIS Systems Manager

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